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How Did I Get Started with Essential Oils?

I wasn't always passionate about natural living. I even judged moms and women who chose natural birth during the early years of motherhood. <Insert foot in mouth here!>

Then like maybe yourself, I got curious. What I knew and was using for our health and well being wasn't working.

I struggled most of my teen and young adult life with extreme feelings of sadness and anxiousness. Energy was something everyone else had but me. I could see that my children were missing out on the best part of me, but I was so drained I had hardly anything to give them.

When we became pregnant with our second baby our family had made many changes in our lifestyle. We were eating clean organic food. I was active at the gym, used many different natural remedies and we were doing our best to use the tools God gave us to take care of each other. But it wasn't enough.

During the summer of 2013, I  became pregnant again and suffered a miscarriage. After the miscarriage, my body was depleted. I had a traumatic miscarriage where I lost over half of my blood supply and it took weeks to recover from physically.

Emotionally, I couldn't recover. Something felt wrong inside me. I was so down, regular activities were difficult, life was difficult. No amount of green smoothies, kick boxing classes or chocolate was going to solve my problems.

I knew that if I didn't make a radical change soon, our family was going to suffer immensely.

For the past six months, an old friend had been inviting me to essential oil classes. I was curious, but skeptical still. Which is funny to me now because I was open to so many other forms of natural solutions already. Most direct sales or network marketing companies had products that I had just never found to be of very high quality or worth the price. So I doubted that doTerra would be any different. I put off the invitation.

It was September, about three months after my miscarriage that I finally said "Enough!".  SOMETHING needed to give!

I attended my first class and was simply blown away by what I had learned about doTerra's essential oils. I had a few bottles of essential oils I bought at a local health food store for head tension while I was pregnant with my second child, but I had NO clue how precious they were. How powerful and effective they could be. Or that what I had thought was a pure bottle of Peppermint oil was actually synthetic. I was a seasoned label reader by then and couldn't believe how easily I had been duped by store bought oils.

There was the answer I had been looking for what felt like my whole life, simply in the living room of a friend. I learned that doTerra's quality was unmatched by any other oil company and the proof was when I compared them to other oils I had used before.

I'm a researcher. I'm conscious of what I put in and on my body and even more so on my children. I did my homework on doTerra, like you're doing now. The integrity of this company is real and more than I could've hoped for.

That night after my first class, I felt hope. I finally believed that I could overcome my health struggles and finally feel normal. Balanced. Energetic and joyful. I also wanted to kick myself for waiting so long to learn more about them. I so wished I had started using them months before when I needed something for my emotional and hormonal support.

I signed up with a wholesale account at the next class and brought my mom along with me. Within a few months of starting the Lifelong Vitality supplements and using various oils, my life was completely different. It was like waking up from a fifteen year fog and seeing colors for the first time. I had never felt THAT GOOD.

The passion to help others is a Divine gift from my Creator. I couldn't experience these joyful gifts of nature and not share. Other people needed to know that their life could be different too. I knew I wasn't alone in my struggles. I've been sharing these precious oils and natural solutions since then. It's my calling, my passion and my purpose.

I've been privileged to have a front row seat to witness others lives change as well.


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