Project Harmonize

We are on a mission to educate small businesses about simple natural solutions that can improve the nine to five. In my experience with working with individuals on their personal health, I have discovered much of their stress (physical and mental) comes from their job. This affects all areas of their life, including their job performance. Matters at home are more controllable and can be improved by the individual. However, in an office setting, most people feel a lack of control and have little options to manage stress.

I'm a solutions provider and I had discovered a problem that I already had solutions for. We created Project Harmonize to address the dilemma at the source. What can an owner, boss or manager do to help? Why should the person in charge offer support? The answer is simple. When you show your team that you care about their health by bringing in outside support and providing tools, you create a culture of trust and respect. The natural solutions we show you can offer them tools to manage alertness, stress, anxiety, tension, frustration, focus, reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, fatigue and more. Reducing these common feelings will improve community, productivity, focus, respiratory health, mood and so much more.

By adopting the "you win, I win" attitude, you show your crew that you are willing to go the extra mile for them. These simple small improvements will elevate your workspace and have a mighty impact.

We look forward to visiting your space and demonstrating for you what we have found to bring about what people desire most, harmony.

Be Well,


Getting Started

The process to activate Project Harmony in your space is simple, fast and customizable

Step 1:

Schedule an Office Wellness Evaluation

Step 2:

Choose an option that fits the needs of your and your team

Step 3:

Host a live or virtual Discovery Session for your office to educate and incorporate the products and practices

Schedule a free 15 minute Office Wellness Evaluation to discover if Project Harmony is the right fit for you and your team. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

"In my 32 years of owning my own business, I've never had a more happy group of employees. The office can be a place of high stress and by simply diffusing oils we've been able to create a more enjoyable environment. We keep adding more tools to our tool box and it just keeps getting better! "

Stan Goodson, Owner of Apple Pest Control


"For more than two years, the Adult Emergency Department at Vanderbilt University Medical Center has diffused dōTERRA essential oils with no adverse reactions. We continue the pursuit to help others understand the medicinal and therapeutic value of essential oils. Imagine the possibilities if essential oils can have this kind of impact on the working environment, even changing the perception of one’s stress and energy levels."
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